Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tonights Prayer 6pm EDST Practical Comfort Prayer on Paltalk

Practical Comfort Prayer Room on Paltalk
opens at 5:30 pm EDST
Prayers Begin at 6 pm

Come join us for:
*Prayers of Praise and adoration to our loving God
*Prayers of thanksgiving for what he has done for us and his faithfulness.
We will be praying down the will of God
on the USA and Her Allies
Intercession for :
-the lost, the hurt, the abandonded and the out cast.
- the people of God
- the youth of our nations
- Pastors and their families
- Israel and the people who love her
- Countries and People in Crisis
- our Presidents and those who govern us
If you have specific prayer requests please email me at practicalcomfort@yahoo.com before 5:30 pm EDST. Or message me through facebook mail.

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