Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Due to Technical Difficulties I will not be hosting Live Prayer tonight. Here is this weeks Prayer Adgenda

Tonights Prayer Agenda:

*Worship and Praise
*Intercession for according to those that God puts in your heart:
-Ministries and Missions
-Colleges, Universities and Educational institutions
-Governments and Leadership
-Those who serve and protect

Honduran Situation:

Praying for all the Christian’s there. For protection over the children of those who have to work out of the country to support their families. Release the Holy Spirit of revival upon this country and provide protection for the people and the ministries based there. Let the truth be known and the corrupt be replaced with Merciful and Just Law Makers and Warriors. Let the weak be defended and let the lands of the unrighteous who do not repent of their atrocities be given to the righteous to use for the purposes of God. Raise up advocates internationally who will support these people and their constitution.

Prayers for Israel :

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, not by the hand of politicians, but by the hand of the Living God who gives life and death. Let all the secrets be revealed because God is the God of secretes revealed. Give strength to the leaders of Israel especially, to BeBee Netanyahu, Let him stand by the hand and power of the Living God and let him not grow weary. Have mercy on those who love Israel and stand with Israel. Let Israel not be divided. Let those who Love God live and those who refuse to repent be removed as road blocks to the will of God, and be as though they had never been here.

Prayers for USA and all her Allies:

~Prayer that the light of truth be shown in all the halls of government and justice. We call on God the revealer of Secrets that every corruption be revealed and let those who don’t repent and make restitution be removed from office.

~Raise up young bold advocates of truth and justice, tempered by mercy and filled with love for their country. Let the young advocates of truth be protected as they do their job. Let all Patriots be inspired by their courage and let them stand for Justice and Mercy even to the halls of Justice. Bring about restoration and protection of the rights of the people.
~ Let the citizens of this country live in peace and pursue their own happiness in prosperity health.

~Raise up advocates for the people of the citizens, the poor and the orphans, the weak and disabled and those who have sacrificed and saved. Let their work be protected and let each and every American thrive in freedom.

~Let there be protection of the Republic and not a usurping of rights and a replacement of our history or our laws with laws of strange lands, cultures, or ideologies that seek to destroy the historical and moral foundations of the country.

~Remove all from power and influence who would lead the people and the children into immorality and deceptions.

~Restore the faith of the people and prepare their hearts so that when they hear the word of God they will receive it and walk in love and the fullness of God’s promises to them

Also Pray that God would :

* Prevent the passage of laws that would diminish the prosperity of the country as a whole while favoring a few with special interests. Prevent the passage of laws that would provide for forced indoctrination of children and ursurp the rights of parents to decide their children’s destiny.

*Prevent the passage of laws that crush freedom of expression and journalistic freedom.

*Prevent the passage of laws that would tear down systems that work and replace them with untried systems when adjustments are all that are needed.

* Prevent the passage of laws that would allow the government to invade the privacy of the citizens instead of protecting that privacy. And prevent laws that would allow the singling out of righteous and holy people for persecution.

*prevent the passage of laws that would favor liars, thieves, embezzlers, slavers, swindlers, power mongers, corruptions of all kind and also those laws that promote immorality and the destruction of innocence in of any in our land and the lands of our allies.

*Prevent the passage of laws that would create a vast majority of our population to become dependent upon the state.

*Prevent the passage of laws that would cause churches , ministries and other non government approved non profits to go out of business through tariffs and taxes on the organizations and those that give to the organizations.

*Pray that God would raise up righteous holy men and women of God , who know God’s voice, who have relationship with God and who lead others to do so, so that the source of the supply of the people of God is God. Raise up advocates in high places that favor the people of God and protect their God given rights.

Let us Prayers Prayers Like Esther:

We know that God has ordained some things but we are not with out resources and recourse: Like the Prayers of Esther, we can pray: “Lord show us favor that we might be defended and come out victorious in the day of destruction. For you are the Lord our God and we will put our trust in you. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Pray for an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on these countries that every person who calls upon the name of the Lord will be taught by him and will love him and besaved through Christ Jesus:
(please add more as God puts them on your heart)

France, England, Indonesia, Burundi, India, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Mozambique, Darfur, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Republic of Congo, Somalia, Ireland, Philippines, China, Pakistan, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, New South Wales, Honduras, South and North Korea, Afganistan, Georgia,

Other Requests:

I know that there are many other prayer requests. Please email me and let me know what your concern is and I will pray for them as I get them and pass them on if you like. You can contact me through Facebook or through Practicalcomfort@yahoo.com


Lord, Bless all who love you and are called to your purposes. Thank you for blessing this prayer time and protecting your intercessors and watchmen. We trust you , we love you for you are our God and we love to be loved by you. Lord we ask special mercy on the end time witnesses that they would be strengthened and not falter in the face of the enemy.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to pray your will down. We ask that you open your heaven and break out revival and restoration upon this world to all who call upon your name that we might be saved and restored into your favor and presence. In Jesus Mighty and Holy Name we ask these things.

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