Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Practical Comfort Prayer Room Opens at 6pm EDST

Everyone is welcome to join us for prayer this evening. I know that some of you have not been able to enter the room or stay in paltalk with out having troubles. Please pray that God would give us a new voice and chat venue.

The rest of you.. Please join with us. The room opens a little after 5: 30 pm and Prayer beings at 6pm. We usually run for an hour. Please remember to email your prayer requests to : practicalcomfort@yahoo.com before 5:30 pm . Hope to see you tonight.

Oh BTW. Our Lion is missing because Paltalk is doing some maintanance. Hopefully we will have him back soon.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayer Today 6 pm EDST Paltalk: PracticalComfort-Prayer Room

Come join us as we pray and intercede for Christians and non-Christians throughout the world. We will be proclaiming blessing over of God's people and Declaring over President Barack Obama.
We also will be praying over those with certian types of cancers and other illnessess as the Holy Spirit leads us.
All who come will be prayed for in the room.

If you can't be there please intercede for us. We also take prayer requests at practicalcomfort@yahoo.com up until 5:45pm est Tuesday July 21 for this weeks session. Names of those request will be kept confidential.

Additional Intercession will be made for Israel, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Poland,Georgia, Mauritania, Liberia, Congo, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, USA, NZ, Britain, India, China, both Koreas, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, France, Spain,Cuba, Haiti

PracticalComfort Prayer Room on paltalk will be open between 5:30 and 5:20 depending on server access. If you are already a member of paltalk you can access the room by clicking on the lion at the left.

Come and join us in intercession. All are welcome.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a wonderful prayer time we had last Tuesday evening with 4 new people. And one is an artist/intercessor just like me. Welcome to you all.

Join Us for Prayer Tonight , Tuesday July 14th at 6pm EDST on Paltalk. Just click the Lion on the left to join in if you are already a member of Paltalk. When we are online it will take you right to the room. If you are not a member of Paltalk just click the Lion to join Paltalk for free.

Our room is under Religion/Christianity/Practical Comfort Prayer.
We welcome every one and will prayer for everyone who comes in.

Tonight we will be praying for Both Koreas, Usa, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Mozambique, Kenya, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, China,Iran, Iraq, Honduras, Burundi, Jordan, and India, as well as proclaiming about cancer and financial troubles for people across the world.

We also pray for everyone who enters the room as God directs us. If you have a specific request please email us at PracticalComfort@yahoo.com before 5:30 est. Prayer requests come in the order in which they were received. If you can’t be there please pray for us!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Practical Comfort Prayer on Paltalk Live at 6pm EDST

Everyone is welcome to our paltalk room to fellowship through intercession. If you haven't signed up for paltalk come in a little early sign up for free. The room opens about 5:30pm and we begin praying right at 6pm on the dot.

If you have specific prayer requests but cant be there online at that time then you can email us at practicalcomfort@yahoo.com prior to 5:30pm. Everyone in the room will be prayed over in Holy Spirit led prayer. Remember We keep confidences and protect privacy when we pray.

We will also be praying for people regarding healing from spiritual and emotional wounds of criticism, blessing people to overcome lack and to receive healing.

We are also recruiting for prayer leaders. This ministry is all volunteer. For leadership requirements and training please email me.

When you are ready to enter the room on paltalk just click on the Lion at the left it will take you right into the room when we are open.

Just a word of reminder. Last week we had some technical problems with the room. Some of you couldn't get in. I am very hopeful that this week that issue has been solved. See you this evening.