Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Practical Comfort Prayer Room 6pm Paltalk Tonight

This week God has put it on my heart that we need to take the first steps of Revival to the next level. So we are going to start the prayer process in our group. I know our Holy Spirit has already begun instructing other prayer groups through out the world to also prayer this way.

We must not fail to put on the full armor of God. We cannot even begin to do that with all the left over bondages and attatchments hindering our lives. So tonight we are going to Set The Captives Free! By obediently going through the repentance process God's Spirit will be released into all of these many crisis situations.

This will light the fire of revial among those who call themselves Christian when the Spiritual Blazes grow to their full release then God's Spirit, will move among the people and light the way for those who are seeking but dont yet know God.

If the picture isnt clear enough as I describe it here, then come join us tonight at 6 PM in Paltalk Practical Comfort Prayer Room on Paltalk. 6pm ESDT.

Room opens about 5:30 pm.
Prayer requests are taken at practicacomfort@yahoo.com until 5:30 pm
You can also follow us in twitter: PCPrayer
And On FaceBook: Practical Comfort Prayer Group

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prayers Start at 6pm Paltalk: Practical Comfort Prayer Room

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,

What a week it has been and challenging from an emotional and spiritual standpoint.

A Prayer for Intercessors:

God will open the doors and windows and every avenue to this prayer adgenda being spread throughout the world to prayer warriors and intercessors to pray down your will on earth as it is in heaven.

WE ask in the name of Jesus, that Satan and his armies will be blinded and deafened to the our righteous actions and words except those that God directs us to command in the name of Jesus regarding them.

Lord God, Protect our prayer times, our computers, our resources, our families, our businesses, and our righteous fellowships showing us favor as we are obedient to you, and mercy when we mess up.

Thank you Lord that all who read this will be and become poured out Lovers of YOU, Blessed, redeemed, righteous, faithful and favored. In Jesus Mighty Holy Name.. Fill us with a new anointing of your Holy Spirit break off all the damaged and unusable parts and give us more and more of yourself until we are a continuous flowing stream of your love.

We thank you for your mercy and love in Jesus Name.. Amen.

Thanksgiving and Mercy:

Over the weekend yet another young preacher’s child was killed as the result of a car wreck. This time in the family and church was in Tennessee. This young man’s memorial service is this afternoon. We need to keep this family, church, and community in prayer as God brings them healing, restoration, peace and a new legacy is released into the world because another young lover of Jesus Christ has been removed.

People all over the world prayed for this family through contacts on twitter that were not there a year ago when locally the 17 year old daughter of a Pastor friend of our family met the same fate. Lift up and thank God for every one who got the message out including Facebook, Twitter and all those other applications for social networking and their staffs.

On Tonight's Adgenda:

#1 Pastor’s families, and families of Missionaries and ministries, including prayer warriors all over the world that as they are obedient to God and living a life of leadership and righteousness that their families will be protected, have favor and provision as never before. We will be praying also for families of those who have also suffered loss and harm that God will restore them, redeem the time lost and provide for them in a supernatural way so there will be no lack. Comfort those who have lost loved ones and restore joy.

#2 Young women and men who have given their hearts to Jesus and are now under death threats from their own families as a result. We ask God to bless them with Boldness to do the will of God, Confidence, Provision, A double portion of Favor from God and people, Protection and restoration of family life, forgiveness and that their families might know the living loving God through Christ Jesus.

#3 Warfare against Militant Spirits who have evaded every aspect of life through out the world. We will be binding and loosing these especially in the USA and Israel.

#4 There are many women in this country who are disenfranchised from their families and have been abandoned by husbands and children. Some of these are facing life changes that they cannot cope with. They are feeling abandoned, hopeless, and without an advocate. We will be lifting these women up and asking that God will not only heal and provide for them but will rise up Godly advocates to protect and provide for these women them. To those who have no families give them families; to those who have no protectors give them protectors; to those who need help managing daily lifes; give them helpers; to those can find no purpose give them purpose, to those who have no provisions give them bounty that overflows. Give them more of you Lord God, ever more of you!

#5 Homeless and Unemployed and all the organizations and agencies that help them.

Israel, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Honduras, New Zeal, USA, Briton, Ireland, Portugal, China, Japan, Both Koreas, Philippines , Egypt, Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Chili, Cuba, Canada, New Mexico, Island, Burundi, Mozambique ,France, Jordan, India, Viet Nam

Prayer Requests:
We also take requests. And anyone who is in the room today will be prayed for as well. You can make known your request at practicalcomfort@yahoo.com before 5:30pm today.

Prayer Time:
Room opens about 5:30pm EDST. Prayers start at 6 pm and we go until about 7pm Just click the link on the left and it will take you right into the Paltalk room when it is open.
Please if you are new to the room don’t forget to read the protocols. If you are interested in training as a substitute or a prayer leader please e-mail me.

United in One heart, One mind, One Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus,

P.S.Don'f forget to feed the fishes <*})))<

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beautiful and Hot is the Day.. And We are Praying at 6pm!

Come Join Us for prayer tonight in Paltalk. Practical Comfort Prayer meets at 6pm. The room opens around 5:30pm EDST We start Prayer at 6pm.

Tonight after prayers we are going to have our first voice testamony time. This is open for everyone to attend. Sharing should be done only by those who have prayed with us before. Please limit mic time to 5min each so everyone can share.

If you cant be in the room and would like us to pray for you please email me at PracticalComfort@yahoo.com prior to 5:30pm

On Tonights Adgenda:

We will be praying and doing warfare for the following groups of people:

*Homeschoolers, Christian Schoolers and their families
*Families in Crisis having lost their homes, their jobs
* Young Mothers who have been in bondage to alcohol, drugs, and abusive boyfriends putting them and their children in crisis
* Family Caregivers who have to now give full time care to a parent or relative and work a fulltime job or have other responsibilites in addition.

Persons with the Following Deseases:
Cancers of all types
Auto immune Deseases
Dental Problems
Sycle cell Anemia

Outreach Ministries to the Poor
Prayer Ministries

North Korea

China, Tiwan, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malamar

Prayers for Hawii and their drought.

Warfare Prayers about the health care bill and our leaders.

We will also be interceeding for each other and for those of you who have been prevented from entering in with us.
Thank you all for lifting us up in prayer. May God bless you for your faithfulness.

Remember if you are already a member of paltalk you can click the paltalk link on the left when the room is open and it will take you right into the room.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prayer tonight at 6PM EDST

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, And Partners,

Thank you so much for your support of this effort. As you know we have had some problems with our venue. Well thats just one of the major reasons to keep on doing it. No person of God does anything with out coming against some opposition. The more we are opposed the more those who need our prayers are revealed. Glory to God for the faithfulness of all who are praying with us at this time no matter whether they can get into the room or not.

And thus we move forward!God going before us to clear the way and protect us from behind!

Having said this I had a very interesting Word from the Lord this morning I would like to share with you. Feel free to click this link to read it.
A Word: "Indulgences" or go to :http://tinyurl.com/n9do62

Again Join us this evening in PalTalk the room is PC Prayer Room under Religion or click the link to the left here and when the room is open it should take you right to the room if you are a member of Paltalk.
The room opens a little after 5:30pm and Prayer starts at 6pm
Usually we go for 50 min to an hour.
If you have a prayer request please email us at:
PracticalComfort@yahoo.com prior to 5:30

Blessings to all who's God is the Lord God Almighty, The creator of all that is, who embrace the salvation and sacrifice of Christ Jesus, and who pray for the peace of Israel.