Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Join Us Live tonight Practical Comfort Prayer Room on Paltalk 6pm ESDT

Tonights Prayer Agenda:

*Worship and Praise
*Intercession for
-Ministries and Missions
-Colleges, Universities and Educational institutions
-Governments and Leadership
-Those who serve and protect

Prayers for Israel

Prayers for USA,France, Briton, Indonesia, Burundi, India, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Mozambique, Darfur, Australia,Kenya, South Africa, Republic of Congo, Somalia, India, Philippines, China, Pakistan, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, New South Wales, Honduras, South and North Korea, Afganistan, Georgia

Prayer Requests:
If you have a prayer request please submit it via email before 5:30 pm to PracticalComfort@Yahoo.com

Please Join us at 6:00 pm ESDT
Practical Comfort Prayer Room on Paltalk under Religion/Christianity
Room opens about 5:30 pm
You can also click the paltalk link on this page and it will take you right into the room when it is open.

If you cant make it in the room then please agree with us where you are.

One last request: Please pray for me. .. Im still under the weather. Thanks =:0)

About the painting on the right:
This is the newest of my worship paintings.
"Ponies of Blessing:
Prosperity, Health and Wisdom"

I hope to be offering prints of it to anyone wishing to help support this ministry with a donation. This will provide us with additional back up support and replacement electronic equipment we will need in the future. The Original is currently for sale on Etsy.

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