Monday, September 28, 2009

New Venue for Tuesday Night USTREAM

Practical Comfort Prayer will be meeting for a test run in our new venue on Tuesday September 29, 2009. We will be using USTREAM.

You can link in here: Practical Comfort Prayer

If you can get there early or prior to our opening and sign up for Ustream you can log in that way. Or if you prefer you can log in through twitter. Remember if you sign in through twitter you posts will be fed in to your twitter account live. If you dont want to become a member of Ustream you can join us as a guest.

If you are a member of Ustream and Twitter you can follow us on both.

The easiest way to log in is through our link on Twitter.

Please message me in Facebook or email me at remember I wont be able to answer emails after 5pm on Tuesdays. Prayer requests must be received in email by 5:30pm Tuesday.

Im really excited about trying out this new venue and I am trusting God that it will work better for us. Blessings to all. Join us if you can. =0)

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