Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prayer tonight at 6PM EDST

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, And Partners,

Thank you so much for your support of this effort. As you know we have had some problems with our venue. Well thats just one of the major reasons to keep on doing it. No person of God does anything with out coming against some opposition. The more we are opposed the more those who need our prayers are revealed. Glory to God for the faithfulness of all who are praying with us at this time no matter whether they can get into the room or not.

And thus we move forward!God going before us to clear the way and protect us from behind!

Having said this I had a very interesting Word from the Lord this morning I would like to share with you. Feel free to click this link to read it.
A Word: "Indulgences" or go to :http://tinyurl.com/n9do62

Again Join us this evening in PalTalk the room is PC Prayer Room under Religion or click the link to the left here and when the room is open it should take you right to the room if you are a member of Paltalk.
The room opens a little after 5:30pm and Prayer starts at 6pm
Usually we go for 50 min to an hour.
If you have a prayer request please email us at:
PracticalComfort@yahoo.com prior to 5:30

Blessings to all who's God is the Lord God Almighty, The creator of all that is, who embrace the salvation and sacrifice of Christ Jesus, and who pray for the peace of Israel.

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