Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introduction and Protocols for Pratical Comfort Prayer

Practical Comfort Is a 4 year old intercession and encouragement ministry of Linda L. Martin. Ms Martin resides in Rural North Central Virginia and has been an active Prayer Warrior, Prayer Coach, Intercessor and giving encouragement to Christian’s since 2005.

“Many years ago I was isolated and alone caring for my grandmother with Alzheimer’s. With so much time on my hands I realized that I had something that every Christian wishes for: enough time to read the Bible and seek to know God better. It was during that time that God inspired me to become a prayer warrior. Part of that call was to bind the wounds of the broken hearted, wipe away their tears and help them renew their hope.”

"I feel that in these trying and uncertain times this is exactly the kind of help and encouragement that people need."
Practical Comfort Prayer is the group for those who feel the need to join together in prayer with other believers. It is also for those people who feel fearful, or desperate and in need of hope. They want to reach out to God, but they don’t feel that church as usual is going to be of help to them.

Everyone who comes will receive prayer and encouragement. Everyone who comes will be welcome to participate with us in prayers of agreement. I will gladly mentor anyone desiring to become a helper in this ministry or who just wishes to improve their communication with God.
Group and Room Protocols:Our room is set up a bit differently than discussion, chat or music rooms. In this room will be the action of God led Intercession, proclamation and declarations.

-During the Hours of prayer, only the Prayer leader will be on mic.
-Prayers will begin on the Hour and will continue until ended by the decision of the leader (usually one hour)
-Room participants will be able to respond through text and through the raising of hands.
-All participants are expected to be respectful and focused on the task at hand. -During the prayer hours all participants should refrain from instant messaging, as it is distracting.
-Prayer hours should not be used for Chat or Fellowship. We will try to schedule a fellowship time once a month.

Prayer Requests:-Prayer requests should be emailed prior to 15 min of the start of the prayer session. Email all prayer requests to: practicalcomfort@yahoo.com
-Prayer requests will be prayed in the order in which they were received.

-For those who can’t email prior to the Prayer time there will be a few moments for typed requests at the end of each prayer time.

-Persons wishing to keep their requests private may email practicalcomfort@yahoo.com Please put : “private prayer request” in the subject line. I will personally read your request, pray for you and as led by God will email you a typed prayer.

-Please do not post any prayer requests on the group discussion boards. These boards will be used for general information, instruction and for praise reports to help build the faith of those who read them.

-From time to time we will be making proclamations and declarations of faith over people and circumstances. Copies will be available on occasion for use in home and church prayer groups.
Other resources will also available.

Disruptive Behavior in room:As Led by God, I have been instructed to look on disruptive and confrontational behavior and those people who don’t follow either the flow of the room or the protocols as people crying out for help from God and needing to be lifted up with love in prayer.

1st offence:They will be red dotted on the first offense while we are in prayer for them.
2nd offence:Upon the second offense they will be red dotted and bounced.
3rd offence:Third time offenders will be banned from the room for a minimum of 10 days. The only response of communication we will give to those who disrupt is to pray for them in love and mercy.

Just a note: I look at gossip as being a disruptive behavior. There is no room for it in a Ministry of Intercession.
We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all who visit our group and room and anyone who deliberately breaks that sacred trust risks being banned with out warning.

How can I become active in the Practical Comfort Prayer Group and Intercession Ministry?

Anyone and Everyone is welcome to receive ministry with us.
*Person’s who wish to participate in a training roll with the idea of ministering along side us must meet the following requirements:
1. They must be believers of the Lord Jesus Christ and show maturity and fruits of their faith
2. They must have a working knowledge of the Bible and a desire to learn more
3. They must be faithful in attendance and participation of room and group activities; especially training activities.
4. They must show themselves open to mentoring and correction
5. They must either have or develop an intimate relationship with God, so they can recognize God’s voice and act upon it. This is the only way an intercessor can pray down the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s will into the lives of those who desire and request ministry.
Anyone interested in training for this ministry can email me at practicalcomfort@yahoo.com Simply write “prayer ministry” in the subject line to assure that I will see it.

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