Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beautiful and Hot is the Day.. And We are Praying at 6pm!

Come Join Us for prayer tonight in Paltalk. Practical Comfort Prayer meets at 6pm. The room opens around 5:30pm EDST We start Prayer at 6pm.

Tonight after prayers we are going to have our first voice testamony time. This is open for everyone to attend. Sharing should be done only by those who have prayed with us before. Please limit mic time to 5min each so everyone can share.

If you cant be in the room and would like us to pray for you please email me at PracticalComfort@yahoo.com prior to 5:30pm

On Tonights Adgenda:

We will be praying and doing warfare for the following groups of people:

*Homeschoolers, Christian Schoolers and their families
*Families in Crisis having lost their homes, their jobs
* Young Mothers who have been in bondage to alcohol, drugs, and abusive boyfriends putting them and their children in crisis
* Family Caregivers who have to now give full time care to a parent or relative and work a fulltime job or have other responsibilites in addition.

Persons with the Following Deseases:
Cancers of all types
Auto immune Deseases
Dental Problems
Sycle cell Anemia

Outreach Ministries to the Poor
Prayer Ministries

North Korea

China, Tiwan, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malamar

Prayers for Hawii and their drought.

Warfare Prayers about the health care bill and our leaders.

We will also be interceeding for each other and for those of you who have been prevented from entering in with us.
Thank you all for lifting us up in prayer. May God bless you for your faithfulness.

Remember if you are already a member of paltalk you can click the paltalk link on the left when the room is open and it will take you right into the room.

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