Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our First Intercession Session

Practical Comfort Prayer's first intercession and encouragement session wiil be held on paltalk on June 23, 2003 at 6 PM EDST. If you would like to participte with us please just click on the lion at the left and sign up and down load PalTalk. It takes a few moments to sign up and download if you arent a member so please get there prior to 6:00PM The room will be opened as close to 5:45 as possible.

This is the direct room address on paltalk if you are already a member.

You can also access the room by going to Paltalk rooms / Religion and Spirituality/ Christianity/Practical Comfort Prayer Room

I hope to have a proceedures post up at some point so people can understand how better to participate in this activity.Those who have prayer requests will be prayed for either through email or online during our Practical Comfort Prayer session.

We will also be praying for OBama and Isreal as well as any Christians around the world that God puts in our hearts to pray for.

Please pray for us that God will protect both our time and our equipment as we do his will.
Thanks cant wait to see you there. ~L


Kathleen said...

Not sure if I can do this - but I will be praying for you and for those who gather to pray!

PCPrayer said...

Thankyou so much for your prayer support Kathleen. We can use all the intercession for our ministies we can get in these days. If you have any requests besure to send them to