Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Live Prayer Tonight at 6pm EDST On UStream

"Barring any unforeseen weather incidents we will
be holding our regular Online Payer Meeting
tonight at 6pm."

Live Prayer 6pm Tonight
Practical Comfort Prayer on USTREAM
Room opens about 5:30Pm

Prayer Agenda:
Worship and Thanksgiving to God, For he restores Hope

*Intercession for the Body of Christ:
Encouragement, Comfort, and Strenght
*Intercession for the Peoples of the World
Compassion and Rescue
*Live and emailed Prayer requests
Room opens about 5:30pm Prayers begin promptly at 6pm
Leave your prayer requests at practicalcomfort@yahoo.com
before 5pm Tuesday. Remember to write "prayer request" in the subject line.


Kathleen said...

Oops... I missed you tonight! Praying in agreement!

PCPrayer said...

Aww Kathy we missed you but we do understand about the time difference. I hope you are felling better. =0) You are welcome to join us next week for sure!

PCPrayer said...

I mean feel. LOL geee. Glad God loves me just the way I am! =0D

PCPrayer said...
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Kathleen said...

Thanks =) I am feeling better *whew* still have a ways to go... now trying to get caught up =p *ack*

I just happened to be there when you were there - usually I am online at a different time... Really enjoyed the prayer gathering!