Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayer Today 6 pm EDST Paltalk: PracticalComfort-Prayer Room

Come join us as we pray and intercede for Christians and non-Christians throughout the world. We will be proclaiming blessing over of God's people and Declaring over President Barack Obama.
We also will be praying over those with certian types of cancers and other illnessess as the Holy Spirit leads us.
All who come will be prayed for in the room.

If you can't be there please intercede for us. We also take prayer requests at practicalcomfort@yahoo.com up until 5:45pm est Tuesday July 21 for this weeks session. Names of those request will be kept confidential.

Additional Intercession will be made for Israel, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Poland,Georgia, Mauritania, Liberia, Congo, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, USA, NZ, Britain, India, China, both Koreas, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, France, Spain,Cuba, Haiti

PracticalComfort Prayer Room on paltalk will be open between 5:30 and 5:20 depending on server access. If you are already a member of paltalk you can access the room by clicking on the lion at the left.

Come and join us in intercession. All are welcome.

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